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Trust is an Inside Job

Sixteen years ago my phone rang with unexpected news - news that takes you from feeling ordinary to devastating in the blink of an eye. I only remember two things: “Your mom has breast cancer,” and the long, heart stopping silence that followed.

Anyone who has faced life shattering experiences knows how easily that foundation of trust can crumble. Fear slowly makes its way to the front, or grips the wheel immediately, but I learned that when we allow fear to drive the car, we are spinning our wheels.

My main question was how? How do we keep fear out of the driver’s seat? One fearful thought brings a truckload more. The fear of losing my mom was unbearable, so I become an avoider. I thank God for my dad, whose strength I envied. Knowing the right words to say, he stood by my mom’s side, and never lost faith to see her through. My mom, dealing with the diagnosis, had unwavering faith in her doctors and trusted everything would be ok.

How do people have unshakeable faith in the unseen future? It took being a parent and staring into the trusting eyes of a 3 year old to learn the real power of faith. The large growth on my son’s shoulder helped me find my way back to faith. It had to be removed and surgery was the only option. I decided to believe in the impossible – that it would fall off. Three year olds are operating from their subconscious so they trust what you tell them. That’s why they believe in Santa Claus. One morning the growth had disappeared without a trace. My son did not doubt when I had told him it would fall off. It was a miracle which proved that trust is the most powerful force.

Unlike a three year old, adults no longer operate within their subconscious. Belief takes more effort; however, it can be accomplished. Belief and trust are separate strings wrapped into a bundle of appreciation. The easiest way to draw upon this faith is to start with one strand of gratitude. Take 15 minutes a day to focus your thoughts with something simple that is easy to appreciate. It could be as simple as appreciating the feeling of sun on your skin. The key is to be general in thought until you feel a shift deep inside. Move your thoughts to more specific feelings of gratitude. You’ll feel if you are on the right.

Focused appreciative thoughts will help you find trust. These steps, even when life is at its worst creates a ripple effect. Like throwing a stone into the water - one ripple starts and then more flow outward into the water. The key is to be conscious and consistent in throwing these stones. We hold the power within us. The universe has your back and we are capable of things greater than our mind can comprehend. It all begins with appreciation which is simply love.

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