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The source of everything is LOVE

Oh this little guy! I love him with all of my heart and soul. Like all parents know, when you become a parent your heart opens in an unexplainable way. Life seems more of everything - more fragile, more scary, more loving, more genuine, more wonderous and to me more Reflective.

" Mirror Mirror in front of me, You're a gift sent to set me free!" That is exactly how I feel about this young, sensitive soul named Cole. God granted me the privilege of being his momma, for which I am extremely grateful! What I didn't know at the time of his arrival was that the puzzle of my life, which I thought was neatly being put together, was about to be shattered. And anyone who has been patiently working an intricate puzzle would understand the feeling of emotions staring at those scattered pieces surrounding you.  But sometimes to create a perfect puzzle we have to be stripped of all that we thought we knew to rebuild the life our soul knows we were meant to live. And for me, this young man was the missing piece - the one who could look into my eyes and reflect back to me everything I needed to learn. I don't know how he could see what I, at a conscious level, could not recognize in myself. However, that is the gift I was given. The lessons I needed most, in order to live life to my fullest potential, were what he was mirroring in his own life. He is simply a reflection of me!

With Love,

Kari McCormick

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