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About Bella K

Hi! I’m Kari McCormick, the creative force behind the Bella K footwear brand.  My fascination with shoes started as a toddler when my mom’s shoe collection became my favorite toys! I spent endless hours parading around the house in my mom’s high heels dreaming about the day I could have my very own collection. And I kid you not, in junior high school I wrote my first research paper on the history of shoes. Deep down I think there has always been a little part of me that truly believes the Cinderella saying, “The right pair of shoes can change your life.”


Growing up on the Florida coast, flip flops were a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. I had worn flip flops my entire life but the inspiration to design my own came in 2006 when I happened to be in Daytona Beach during bike week. Bandanas adorned everything and the concept of designing a bandana flip flop that resembled how they were worn grew. My parents joined forces with me and we launched our first bandana flip flop in 2007. We were amazed at the response and at the requests received for school colors.  We quickly sold out of our initial inventory that season and decided to spend the next few years perfecting the designs and manufacturing process. 


In 2014 we launched our bright, new company, Bella K, which specializes in boutique, school spirit and bandana style flop flops. So I put a new twist on the Cinderella saying, “The right pair of shoes might not change your life, but they will help you step out and make your mark on the world. And if by chance they do happen to transform your life, at least you’ll look good while it happens!”

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