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" You Need to Know You're Beautiful."


My Mission

With the start of my company I knew that I desired to create a stylish, custom and sought after brand; but I also wanted my company to serve as a platform to support my passion for helping young girls feel strong, empowered and perfect just the way they are! While teaching for 12 years of my career I saw first-hand how the foundation for healthy self-esteem is formed very early in life. I witnessed children deal with bullying, peer pressure, body image and a lack of understanding of who they are. Children struggled with feeling proud of their sense of self and standing strong when dealing head to head with such issues. Then I had a son who was born with Sensory Processing Disorder and his early stages of life were filled with fear and anxiety of the world instead of an awe of what it contained. It was like he was born already feeling inadequate, not sure of his place in the world, and feeling self-conscious about being "different" than his peers. He is a sensitive soul that I believe can add greatness to the world, but my fear that he will hide that uniqueness to fit in made my desire even greater to start teaching and giving back to programs that help not only girls, but EVERYONE, learn how to follow their heart, believe in who they are and create a life they wish to have. 


Children can be taught these skills at all ages, but my goal is to begin to reach kids at a young age. Childrens' brains function in different brain waves at specific ages. We have an increased chance of cultivating a true sense of self and positive ways of dealing with adversity when we teach these skills before the age of 12, because the teachings delve straight into their subconscious mind and our subconscious is ultimately responsible for how we act and react to events later in life.


I truly believe that we are all connected beings here on Earth and we must stand hand in hand to help each other along life's path. I know that God has given me this business as a platform to help the children of tomorrow understand their true light. Starting with the youth of today gives us the best chance to grow this world into a peaceful, loving and giving community. When we truly understand and are at peace with who we are, we do not fear differences we treasure them! I thank God for giving me my parents, my life experiences, my son, and for bringing the right people into my life at the right time. My goal is to make a REAL difference and change the world by inspiring one young, impressionable and innocent soul at a time.


                                                                                                                               ~Kari McCormick - Owner Bella K

Thanks to all of YOUR purchases, BELLA K held its first fully funded

"Selfie Style" event on December 3rd!  

 What an amazing time we had during our one day Girl's Empowerment Workshop! The girls felt special from the moment they  walked the red carpet and got their picture taken with Miss North Carolina 2016 Elizabeth Crage, Mrs. USA 2016/2017 DeAnna Emborski and CMA and Radio Disney Ambassador for their Choose Kindness Campaign - Jessie Chris. The girls were also pampered with SWAG Bags full of goodies donated from our wonderful sponsors. Oh, and let's not forget about all the fun empowerment activities that taught about gratitude, confidence, and the power of belief! Bella K hopes that this day helped the girls step out and spread their special light into the world.  



Our Selfie Style Girl's Empowerment Workshop would not have been a success without the generosity of many people and companies! Thank you to everyone who donated time, gifts and energy to helping Bella K grow the confidence of young girls.

A special thank you goes out to Lisa Hedin, Ms. North Carolina 2015! Selfie Style would never have been such a success if it had not been for you volunteering your time to help plan and coordinate our sponsors and events! Thank you for helping empower other women and being a light for us all!

"Selfie Style" Empowerment Camp


We are calling all girls, ages 8-13, to our "Selfie Style" workshop! It's time to get your "Selfie" on! Selfies, like a mirror, reflect what we see on the outside, but what about what's going on in our mind and heart? Loving that uniqueness in ourselves can be a challenge, so Bella K invites young girls to come play with us as we discover the secret to questions about life, strength, belief and the power you hold within. It's time to let your real light shine through!


For questions about the program please email

Fall 2019 Workshops Are Here


DeAnna Emborski

Mrs. USA 2016/2017

For our fall schedule please sign up below and we will email you our camp options and pricing. 

Thank You! You'll be the first to hear all our "Selfie Style" updates!

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