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BE Amazing!

BE Amazing!

What does it mean to be Amazing? Just contemplating the question got my head spinning as I sat quietly and reflected on the recent signing of my divorce papers (after a long and emotional three-year separation process) and putting my home (the place I thought was the start of my dream life) on the market. With tears dripping down my cheeks, wondering if this was the right decision for me and my special-needs son, I thought, “I am still standing!” And perhaps that is amazing all by itself.

Society tends to paint “amazing” as the picture of the star athlete or scholar or the beautiful celebrity. Maybe all of that is amazing, but you know what else is – YOU! The young girl finding courage to walk through those school doors after being made fun of, the new mom putting her tired feet on the floor and tackling another day, or the one going through a medical diagnosis or divorce – every single person is amazing.

Now the question is, how do we feel amazing when our circumstances seem far less than that? That’s the tricky part. Have you ever had a bad day and told yourself, “Ok, I am going to stop thinking this thought that’s making me feel so bad”? You try to stop but it doesn’t work … the thought is like a broken record and just repeats itself over and over again. If any of this rings true for you, then know you’re not alone. The one thing life has taught me is how to get that record off repeat.

First, we must allow for grace. What does that mean? If your thoughts are on a runaway train, sometimes you can’t get off. You just have to let it crash. Then once that’s over—be it three minutes, three hours, three days or, in my case, three years—you stand up amongst the rubble, dust yourself off, look around, and think: “I am here; I am still standing; I am amazing.”

Next, get deliberate in your actions. Grab a piece of paper and a pencil and identify what things you like to do, what feels good when you do it, and, most importantly, what feels amazing when you just think about doing it. Let all of this be what you focus on. The more simple and general it is, the easier it will be to focus. The power happens when your thoughts generate a feeling of amazement way down deep in your belly.

I challenge everyone to take the next 30 days and be deliberate in feeling amazing. It’s my promise to you that if you will take the time to make that list and let it be the focus of your energy, the universe will begin to deliver a whole bunch of “amazingness” right to your doorstep. This experience will help you prove your worthiness, discover the power you hold inside, and finally realize how all those cracks you try to hide are actually what make you amazing.

*It was an honor to have this article featured in the June 2018 Mind, Body, Spirit Section of Lake Norman Woman magazine.

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